The 10-rupee Note!

Ordinary life is a life barely lived. Because, a life without unexpected turns and twists and the subsequent ability to maneuver through, is not worthwhile. Most people simply accept the way things are and move on, not bothering to ponder awhile about these seemingly ‘ordinary’ things that come their way. They simply ignore them, thus failing in the potentiality to transform the ‘ordinary’ into an extraordinary something.

One such ‘ordinary’ thing that came our way, was a simple 10-rupee note. Read on if you are an animal lover.

One summer evening, while having tea, my father was counting some smaller denomination notes, precisely; 10-rupee notes and keeping them separately as change for emergencies, since in our present times, change-notes are hard to produce. I was reading a book and occasionally throwing cursory glances at the soiled notes father was so busily arranging, when all of a sudden, my eyes fell upon one particular 10-rupee note which seemed to have something written on it. Father also noticed it. The writing on the note seemed curiously small.  Father singled out the note and started to read it. Quite surprisingly, this was written on it:

I am totally heartbroken as my sweet cat Poali died in a road accident on February 23, 2016 between 11:25-11:40 pm.  My life is in serious jeopardy. I don’t know how I shall live without Poali since she was very close to my heart. Life is difficult without my cat, Poali.

We were dumbfounded and sat staring at it while the note fluttered in the wind. Father couldn’t seem to recall where and when he had received the note.  I read and re-read the note, flipped it over to check if the writer had jotted down anything else, but couldn’t find any. We assumed that it must have been a girl who was devastated by the sudden death of her beloved pet cat. Continue reading “The 10-rupee Note!”


A Birthday Shock!

A few years back, while on a visit to Kolkata at my uncle’s place in Tollygunge, my cousin Smita and I had planned a surprise birthday party for our respective mothers. Both the ladies had their birthday dates close to each other and so, we had planned to choose a date (July 5, 2014) in between and surprise our mothers with a beautiful cake from Kolkata’s popular sweet shop, Mio Amore.
On the evening of July 5, Smita and I visited a Mio Amore outlet nearby. On entering the shop, we found a number of delicious cakes. We went for a Chocolate Truffle Cake that looked pretty yummy and tempting. One of the salesmen, an oldie, asked me,”And would you like to get something written on the cake?”

“Oh yes, Of course”, came my instant response.
There wasn’t much space left on the cake for writing, so we decided to write the shortest and cutest wish that could be accommodated on the cake surface.

It was a birthday cake obviously, so we chose to exclude the ‘Happy Birthday’ wish and instead write something more interesting.

“Umm”, I thought and an idea struck me. “Write down, ‘Two Super MOMS’, I told the man as he waited open mouthed and impatient, with the icing cone in his hand.

“Ok, what’s that again?”

“Two Super Moms”, I repeated and looked at my sister with raised eyebrows for her approval. She smiled and nodded.

We waited drumming our fingers on the massive glass cabinet inside which were kept five other flavoured cakes on display while the old man went to work on our cake.

“There, done!”, exclaimed the old man and packing the cake neatly into a giant box, handed it over to us.

Handing the oldie, Rs. 650, we left the shop gleefully. On the way home, we bought a packet of scented candles, colourful streamers and balloons. We had to sneak in the cake home since it was meant to be a surprise.

At home, we chose a secluded room and started decorating it with the streamers and the balloons we had bought. Mother and aunt were both unaware of our intentions but were curious as to what the two of us were up to. Soon, we had decorated the room and locked it from outside. We told them that there was something we wanted to show them. My father and uncle had just returned home from a brief evening walk and were having tea when we decided to get the celebrations started.

Smita and I returned to our room to have one last look at anything that might appear out of place. Everything seemed perfect and so we decided to open the box that contained the cake. We placed the box on the centre table in the room and asked everyone to come in. Switching off the lights, we lit the candles that we had already placed around the box in a circular pattern. With the candles ready by our side, we knelt down and opened the box finally.

On opening the cover, we gaped open mouthed, not at the cake, but at the writing on the surface. On it was written:

Two Super MOMOS….!!!!