One last goodbye…is all I need

copy-of-picture-0335A song I had written for him,

Put a slice of my heart within

A song of a love that ended so soon,

A love that ended one fine afternoon


Pain flowed through my veins as I

ran through the streets some flowers to buy

Fleeting moments rushed by,

As I was wishing my love one last goodbye


The promise of a lifetime love,

the promise to be a shelter above,

was breaking like a house of glass,

was breaking my heart forever…alas!!


With nimble fingers I wrapped the thing

As sorrow flooded my heart to the brim….

Sorrow ripped through my veins as I

Was bidding my love one last goodbye….


I waited for him by the riverside,

Waited as I silently cried,

Morning went by and came afternoon

Afternoon too flew by so soon


Came evening and he still didn’t come,

The pain in me was starting to numb

As time flew by, I realized that I

Would have to say a quiet goodbye…


He never really came to see

A girl lost in the world of insanity.

My song would never be sung again

As I clung to it, writhing in pain…


Those letters dripping blood in vain

Were the last traces of a heart in pain.

A heart that would forever try

To wish its love one last goodbye……….


6 thoughts on “One last goodbye…is all I need

  1. Its a beautiful poem ma’am….. hats off!!!!! Hope to see more of your articles soon

    By your loving ex – student
    Debangana gogoi IX


  2. Its really sweet of u to say this….. i reckon u still love us lots… and miss u too……😊



    1. Well of course I love you all and miss you terribly. Your love for me has been unconditional. This apart, I pray that you be a great writer in the future…I already see a flourishing writer in you. Keep up the good job. Not everyone has the power to express themselves in words…

      lots of love..


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