Mother’s Clothes…

The other day while at my parents’ home, I was looking for a long skirt that I had probably misplaced somewhere, when on opening my mother’s closet, I found to my utter surprise, a complete change – my clothes that had once adorned some of the shelves, were replaced by mother’s clothes. She kept all my clothes neatly stacked away from the closet, in another almirah. This was pretty normal since I no longer live there and most of my clothes have accompanied me on my way to my in-laws’ place.

But what brought tears to my eyes was the sudden realization that mother had kept my clothes away because she probably didn’t wish to look at them everyday on opening the closet and remember that the wearer no longer lived there. She must have thought and re-thought about finding a new place for my clothes. She must have held on to them and cried silently…

The sweet motherly fragrance emanating from the closet made my memories come alive. Some of the sarees that I had always an eye for, hanging in all their beauty, came tumbling down like a cascade…red, purple, blue, golden, cyan…. I ran my fingers along the smooth fabric tracing the soft embroidery, the elegance…as I could see a younger me forcing one of them out from its hanger…and trying to wrap it around my slight figure. By then the saree would develop multiple creases on its body and mother would get terribly annoyed.

Today what would she not do to rewind the threads of time for a glimpse of the little me struggling in a massive saree!! I slowly closed the closet doors and sighed, only to turn back and see mother standing just behind me. She hugged me and said,”I know what you must be thinking. I miss you my little girl.”



21 thoughts on “Mother’s Clothes…

  1. Gosh….ma’am it’s sooo……I guess none of my words can describe a mothers love…..😙😙😘😘😚😚

    Ur naughty student

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  2. wow that was sooooooooooooooooo…………….awesome !!!!….Mam u were right ur articles r very good. Mam u is my fav teacher…AWESOME WRITINGS..


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  3. Madam its sooo amazing that i couldn’t stop myself reading it………it made me realize what a mother feels for a child …….it was heart touching
    i loved reading it

    by your young looking(naughty) student
    anushree ….


    1. Ma’am your writings are really amazing….I just got goosebumps….ma’am you really inspire me to write in the future and guess I can follow your footsteps and at least write half as good as you…..


      1. No sweetheart…I pray that u go way ahead of me as a writer. I shall always wish that my darling students surpass me in all respects and make me proud. Thanks a lot. You all are my inspiration…nobody else inspires me this way apart from my parents


  4. Ma’am your writings are really amazing. You really inspire me to write in the future. I really want to follow your footsteps and at least write half as good as you


  5. Just one simple sentence for this story…. “The love between a mother and a daughter is FOREVER” words are less enough to describe the unconditional love between them…. Debangana

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  6. You left me touched in a way that nothing else could.Your words bear the strength to squeeze out the mixed emotions lying dormant within.For a moment, I was getting restless to see where and how it ends.Marvellous piece!!


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