All that Glitters…

You are a shadow, an empty conceited being.

Your promises are lofty, your deeds worth a farthing!

Your pleasures dwell in avarice, your desires full of malice!

You enjoy your neighbour’s despair, you mean little disgusting player!

You want everything to consume, while for them, you have no room

in your palatial mansion of a hollow dream.

You vain little devil’s scream!


You fake your belief in God, and make them believe in you,

God watches from a distance as pride and vanity seep through

your skin that’s coarse to the core, your heart filled with cravings galore

Cravings for wealth and riches alike, cravings for more!


You smile at their misfortune, for you have been saved from the pain

You forget the impending gloom,

That it always pours, and never does it rain!

You turn away the poor

And wriggle at the sight of a stray

Though they approach with hopeful eyes,

You look the other way.


Little do you realize, O human! Nothing lasts forever

While you now rejoice at your pleasures

This will all end together!

Someday you will pine

For a helping hand or a smile,

But none will come forward

For everyone has their time!


Your pleasures will rot and decay

Your plastic face of clay

Today you might live another day,

for doom isn’t far away!


7 thoughts on “All that Glitters…

  1. Ma’am, I think that this is one of your best articles. This is the true face of the world. This poem best describes this brutal world. I wish the people you have described here read this and at least understand what are they doing and try to improve themselves. After reading this article, I have become the biggest fan of yours.
    By your student


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